OCA Associate Faith Affirmation

Opportunities with Orphan Care Alliance are exclusively reserved for individuals or organizations who agree with or agree to abide by Orphan Care Alliance’s Statement of Faith, Bylaws, Statement on Marriage, Gender, & Sexuality, Statement on Life, and our other policies (the “Written Statements of Faith”).

A primary purpose of Orphan Care Alliance is to teach and instill biblical values in everyone we interact with. Because every employee, volunteer, or contractor (“Associates”) of Orphan Care Alliance is a representative of the ministry, and is selected for that purpose, in order to be eligible for an Associate opportunity at Orphan Care Alliance, the applicant may not be actively engaged in unrepentant sin and shall not be perceived to undermine or contradict through actions, behaviors, or speech, the tenets of the Bible, the Written Statements of Faith, or of the doctrine of the ministry.

This is not a contract of employment. Orphan Care Alliance reserves the right to terminate any Associate relationship, at any time, with or without notice or procedure, for any reason deemed by the ministry to be in the best interests of the ministry.

Execution of Signature

The Associate named below has read this Associate Faith Affirmation and agrees to abide by it, the Bible, the Written Statements of Faith, and the other doctrines of Orphan Care Alliance. I understand that Associate relationship terminates automatically if I engage in any conduct that stands in contradiction to Orphan Care Alliance’s Written Statements of Faith. 

Policy and Procedure Manual