Safe Harbor is a unique ministry of OCA that desires to help families in crisis stay together. Safe Harbor does this by providing parents a safe and temporary place for their children to stay while the parents receive and help and support.

“This incarnation reveals much about who God is and what God does. It tells us that He is the kind of God who sees broken and hard things and does not step away from them, but steps into them. He is “with us” He wrapped Himself up in our brokenness, carried our brokenness to the Cross, and was broken by our brokenness so that we don’t have to be broken anymore. God saw our plight and moved toward us, not away. That’s the gospel.”
— Jason Johnson - Everyone Can Do Something


how can you help?

Safe Harbor runs on volunteer support and we need you to make this ministry possible and accessible to those in your community. Find your role today. For more information contact Lisa Owen.

Care Plan Manager

Oversees the placement and well-being of children in care, helps write Care Plan

Care Coach

Friend and mentor to the family in crisis, helps write and implement Care Plan

Care Family

Opens their home to care for children in crisis.

Support Team

Supports the Care Family and family in crisis with meals, transportation needs, etc…